Glass Blowing Art Form Creates Unique Bongs

Glass bong art

At a time when using a special filtration device known as a “bong” to enjoy smoking tobacco is trending online, it is also interesting to note that bongs have become a unique art form unto itself. For instance, there are bongs displayed in homes and businesses like any other piece of “art” for visual enjoyment. At the same time, a bong is a very efficient and effective device for enjoying the smoking process.

Another aspect of “bong art” is linked to the long history of this cylindrical tube or pipe that is usually made of glass that is blown into unique and colorful shapes and designs. In fact, there is an almost endless offering of all types of bongs online at trending smoking device websites. While a “bong,” is typically a water pipe in its single-piece construction, what makes bongs unique is the design is more involved and usually centered on a special method of bending or crafting colorful glass. The result is a water pipe that is preferred by longtime smokers who want a device that matches their sense of style and usage.

Evolution of bong designs – interesting, artful

The classic water pipe has been a muse for art decorating and design for centuries; while water pipe “bongs” are trending online today because fans think the device can be “artistically beautiful” when the glass is blown into various shapes and decorated with jewels, paints or anything the imagination can conjure up. The typical bong can be made of bronze, brass or other metals; while trending versions today are blown glass creations that are offered online at various prices.

History of “the bong” celebrated online

It’s interesting to note that bongs have been sued in Thailand, Laos and in most regions of Africa for centuries. There are examples of ancient bongs displayed at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., that date back some 3,000 years to ancient times when people used these water pipes for smoking enjoyment. A typical glass bong water pipe is a single-piece design consisting of the bowl stem, a water container and a drawtube.

Overall, there has never been a better time to enjoy these colorful and highly efficient glass bongs for smoking enjoyment. There are numerous online “bong” selling websites that feature a wide range of bongs styles and sizes at prices to fit any budget. You can find affordable and high-quality bongs online easily. Because of legal reasons, bongs sold online and in retail shops are labeled as “tobacco use only.”